President Statement

Bahumukhi Krishi Aru Samaj Kalyan Samity Known populary as B’KASS came into being in 1989 and formed as registered voluntary social organization in 1989 with a messag to the socially concerned people to devote themselves for the cause of downtrodden and distressed. Right from its inception, the principal mission of B’KASS has been the empowerment of neglected and deprived mass and the thrust to make downtrodden rural people aware of their rights, able to sustain themselves without humiliation and give their children a promise of healthy growth. Our main objective is to support a development process that is equitable and sustainable and to render care, protection and service to deprive and under privileged section of the society.

In addressing these objectives and commitments B’KASS has been concentrating each humble effort on Socio-Economic empowerment, awareness, education rural infrastructure development, sustainable research management, and agriculture. In addition to these our programs focuses selectively on areas of need based concerns such as establishment of Homes for the destitute women and aged persons, training and support service to women.

At the initial stage this organization had to fight tooth and nail owing to its stringent Financial position. Instead of the dedicated, diligent social workers associated with this organization continued their concerted and constructive efforts for the welfare services to the wreaker section of the society. This brief note on the overall program activities would depict the clear picture. Being the President and Chief Functionary of this organization I am extremely happy to see that B’KASS is competent to shoulder only responsibility which may be assigned to it. I thankfully acknowledge the sincere support and help of all the well-wishers of B’KASS towards growing of this organization at its present status.